Jenny has delivered for the citizens of Salt Lake County as a County Council member and will continue to do so as County Mayor.


  • Lead efforts to provide funding for canyon and open space protections including funding for Bonanza Flats
  • Earliest state elected official to propose, and then pass, health benefits for LGBTQ+ partners of County employees, long before marriage equality became a reality
  • Partnered with the Council Democrats to pass transgender transitioning health benefits for County employees
  • Co-Founder of the Jordan River Commission
  • Supporter of full Medicaid expansion
  • Founder and Co-chair of Salt Lake County’s opioid task force
  • Advocate for Planned Parenthood, women’s equality, paid parental leave and a woman’s right to chose
  • Strong relationships with the mayors, council members, and legislators throughout Salt Lake County
  • Long-term proponent of fair compensation for County employees

Following the electoral victories of November, Jenny sees 2019 as an opportunity to build and strengthen the social safety net and implement progressive policies across Salt Lake County. Medicaid expansion is now a reality, an independent redistricting commission will be formed, and medical marijuana will become available to those who need it most. As Salt Lake County Mayor, Jenny will lead on these issues and will be a strong voice to assure the legislature does not undermine the will of the people.

Additionally, as Mayor, Jenny will continue to work to advance several of Mayor McAdams’ key priorities: compassionate care to the homeless as new homeless centers are rolled out; an effective “Pay for Success Program”; and further protection of the Jordan River. 


  • Strengthening the social safety net
  • Justice for the underserved, the LGBTQ+ community, minorities and the disabled
  • Assuring the successful implementation of Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana and the launch of non-partisan redistricting
  • Compassionate homelessness solutions including the opening and operations of new facilities
  • Partnering with Sheriff Rosie Rivera on jail reforms, rehabilitation, and the release of non-violent offenders
  • Continued protection of the Wasatch canyons and the Jordan River
  • Real solutions for the opioid crisis and the impact substance abuse has on our community
  • Expanded focus on the mental health needs of county residents
  • Economic equality for county residents – including workplace and wage fairness
  • Fully funding programs to address domestic and sexual violence
  • Growth management, transportation solutions and regional planning
  • Affordable housing
  • Protecting air quality
  • Holding all stakeholders in the Inland Port accountable to ensure transparency and environmental protections