Write a letter to the editor

Send a letter to the editor

Letters to the editor of our local newspapers are a great way to advocate for Mayor Wilson and educate our neighbors about why she deserves their support in November. The daily papers publish several letters each day, and while they don’t accept every letter they receive, if your letter is clear and concise, there is a good chance yours could be published.

Step 1: Choose a newspaper

Select which newspaper in which you’d like to try to get your letter published. Do not send the same letter to multiple newspapers, though. Most have policies against running letters that have run in other newspapers.

Step 2: Note the word limit

Every newspaper has a different limit on the number of words it will publish from letters to the editor, so it’s best to keep your letter short. Aim for 200 to 250 words with your letter, and definitely don’t go over 300 words.

Step 3: Write your letter

What should you write about? Well that’s up to you! But here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  • How did Mayor Wilson come to earn your support?
  • The importance of having an experienced leader in place for the economic recovery
  • Mayor Wilson’s strong leadership through the coronavirus crisis
  • Mayor Wilson’s creative approach to closing the gun-show loophole in Salt Lake County
  • Mayor Wilson’s creation of the Office of Environmental Services to improve our air quality
  • Mayor Wilson’s commitment to combating the opioid epidemic in Salt Lake County

Here are a few tips to help with your letter:

  • Before you begin writing, try to think about the one point you really want to make. The more points you try to make, the fewer will actually be absorbed by readers.
  • Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Write in your own voice from your own perspective drawing on your own personal experience and expertise. Your writing will read more naturally and be more convincing as a result.
  • Illustrating the differences between Mayor Wilson and her opponent is good, but crossing the line with personal insults, unfounded accusations, or inappropriate language is not. Stay civil and constructive.
  • Be as clear and concise as possible. Don’t use 10 words when five will do. It doesn’t make you sound smarter… it makes your writing more boring.

Why have we not provided any sample letters here? To prevent the urge to copy-and-paste! Editors won’t run the same text more than once, and if they receive multiple letters saying the same thing, they won’t run any of them!

Step 4: Edit your letter

Make sure to read your letter a few times before submitting it, looking for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and opportunities to make your letter clearer. If your letter doesn’t make sense to the editor who reviews it, chances are it won’t be published! The newspaper will edit your letter, as well, and may choose to shorten it to fit the space… so it’s important to be sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Step 5: Email your letter

Copy and paste your letter into the body of your email. Be sure to include your first and last names, the address and city where you live, and your phone number in case the paper needs to reach you. While the newspaper will very likely include your town or city with your name in the paper, don’t worry: they won’t publish your address or phone number.